A transformed South Africa where everyone is employable.


To deliver professionally supported skills training, coaching and mentorship programmes that will best prepare learners for the working world.

About Us

EduPower’s training is focussed on the Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) and Contact Centre industry. We’ve specialised in this industry for two reasons: with 20 years of experience, we are experts in this field and more importantly, the industry offers excellent entry level employment prospects.

With this focus on BPO, the majority of our training takes place in our custom fitted experiential contact centre. A first in the skills development industry in South Africa, this facility gives EduPower the opportunity to teach and train relevant skills for all aspects of BPO incuding Quality Assurance, Surveys, Lead Generation, Customer Service and Telesales.

Another factor that makes EduPower unique is that our learners do not work on simulations. EduPower sources “live” campaigns from the market so our learners are interacting with people every day, building their confidence and gaining essential skills that are relevant in the BPO market. As a result, your investment in learnerships is delivering on the true intent of B-BBEE – creating relevant opportunities for the unemployed, low skilled and vulnerable young people of South Africa.