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EduPower’s work experience delivers bonus points for absorption PLUS full-time employment opportunities.

At Edupower, we are providing quality work experience that delivers employment for our learners and bonus points for absorption for our B-BBEE sponsors. Our goal is to change the lives of our learners through sustainable employment. So when our learner, Ashleigh Phillips, was offered a full-time employment with our IT partner Safricloud, it was an […]

Unpacking the Amendments to the B-BBEE Scorecard

The Department of Trade and Industry’s amendments to the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice on Friday, 31 May, were published in the Government Gazette with very little fanfare considering the significant impact they may have on generic entities in the country. Rajan Naidoo, director of Edupower Skills Academy, takes a closer look at the changes […]

BEE and the moral dilemma

Implementing learnerships should never be an exercise in box-ticking. The whole thing about learnerships, according to Sivarajan Naidoo, director at EduPower, is that nobody is really accountable for ensuring that they’re implemented to provide maximum value for the learner. He goes on to clarify what he means by this: “The whole concept of learnerships was […]

The disability equity minefield

“BEE has brought to the fore the employment of people with disabilities as well as identifying skills development opportunities for them,” says Sivarajan Naidoo, Director of EduPower. While this is a good thing, Naidoo says there’s a distinct difference between businesses that are simply ticking boxes in terms of meeting their BEE target and those […]