Moderator Course (R4999)


Moderation is the process which ensures that assessment of the outcomes described in the NQF standards and qualifications is fair, reliable and valid.
Moderator training course will equip learners with the required knowledge and skills to conduct moderation of outcomes based assessment (internal or external). The Moderator training course will further your understanding of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and will help you in developing your skills and acquiring a variety of qualifications within the fields of Education Training and Development Practices and Human Resource Development.



  • Leaner should have a good comprehension of English.
  • Conduct Outcomes-Based Assessment Qualification.

Course Accreditations

This course is accredited with ETDP Seta and each learner will have to submit a Portfolio of Evidence after the training, upon being deemed competent, the learner will receive a Certificate of Competence.

This module is based on outcomes based learning principles where delegates are responsible for their own learning with support available when required.

  • Formative Assessment – to be submitted 1 month from completion of the workshop
  • Summative Assessment – to be submitted up to 6 months from submission of the Formative Assessment

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of this course and successful assessment Candidate Assessors will have acquired these skills:

  • Demonstrate understanding of moderation.
  • Plan and prepare for moderation.
  • Conduct moderation.
  • Advise and support Assessors.
  • Report, record and administer moderation.
  • Review moderation systems and processes.

Course Outlines

DAY 1 – Registration

  • Understanding outcomes-based assessment.
  • Understanding how moderation contributes to quality standards in assessment practice.
  • Compare and describe different moderation methods within the context of the NQF.
  • Acquire knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of a variety of moderation methods.
  • Use NQF and assessment principles to ensure the fairness of assessment.
  • Moderate the assessment of applied competence.
  • Establish the scope and parameters of moderation including planning for contingencies.
  • Prepare to conduct moderation in line with established moderation systems.
  • Organise, plan and manage own approach to moderation.
  • Use appropriate moderation methods to moderate the assessment of special needs candidates.
  • Verify moderation methods, tools and processes to include the gathering of evidence for Recognition of Prior Learning.
  • Prepare sufficient and valid documentation to record moderation decisions.
  • Ensure that planning and preparation includes the sufficiency of resources and logistical arrangements. 


  • Conduct moderation in settings where assessment decisions are upheld and overturned.
  • Check and judge assessment instruments, assessment process, the application of assessment principles and the assessment judgement.
  • Moderate in a manner that complies with regulations of quality assurance bodies.
  • Identify problems in assessment practice that prompt positive change.
  • Understand and apply the Learner appeal process and policy.


  • Guide and support Assessors using clear and transparent communication.
  • Advise on quality management and the improvement of systems.
  • Provide advice on the application of assessment principles.
  • Promote quality in assessment practice with guidance on the completion of Assessor reviews.


  • Collect and analyse results from moderation.
  • Prepare comprehensive reports to facilitate standards-based moderation.
  • Communicate effectively with Assessors during feedback sessions.
  • Understand the impact of assessment and moderation on Learner development.
  • Report moderation findings to all stakeholders.
  • Review the moderation process and the conduct of the Moderator.
  • Critically evaluate the manageability, the efficacy of the moderation system and the integrity of the moderation process.
  • Recommend improvement to the moderation system and the moderation process.

    * Portfolio compilation workshop.

Who Should Attend

  • Managers.
  • Trainers.
  • Human Resource Managers.
  • Assessment Designers.
  • Facilitators.
  • Coaches.
  • Work Place Assessors.